Valentine’s Day with A Bunch of Humans

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Have you got A Bunch of Humans

Your Valentine’s lessons are going to be a breeze! Use these zero-prep activities with the Profile Cards from A Bunch of Humans as fillers or to prepare full lessons. 

#1 A perfect Valentine’s gift

Distribute one profile card per student. Explain that the students have been tasked with getting a Valentine’s present for the person on their profile card. Give them some time to think about what they would get and why.

A variation:

Display or write on the board a few ideas for Valentine’s presents.

Display the same number of profile cards as you have the presents. Students work together. They have to allocate each present to one of the people. 

#2 Match-making

Choose one profile card and display it to the students. Explain that this person is looking for a partner. 

Pre-select another few profile cards and display them for the students to see. Explain that these people are possible matches for this person. 

Students work individually or in pairs. Their task is to find a perfect match for the person who is looking for a partner.

#3 First date

Students look at the couples they made in the previous activity. They’re now going on their first date. Students write a scenario of how that date would go. They write about where they met and how it went. They also include a short dialogue.  

What to think about:

  • What could go wrong? 
  • Is the date going to be a success?
  • Was there anything they liked or disliked about each other?

#4 Discuss their relationships

Who doesn’t like a bit of gossip? And if you can do it with a fictional character, all the better! 

Before the lesson select a few Profile Cards with people who are in relationships. 

Distribute these profiles to students. They can work in pairs or small groups and each group gets one couple to discuss. Give them some time to read through the profiles. Students’ task is to discuss how they think these people met. They also discuss their everyday lives: what’s their relationship like? Is it rocky or smooth sailing? Why do they think so?

You could follow up with more activities and vocabulary connected with relationships. Find ready-to-use resources in our Convo Compact: Relationships.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and lessons! And if you need more ideas, check out this article for inspiration.