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Warmers & Fillers: For Men

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Warmers & Fillers: For Men is a collection of warmers and fillers designed for classes with men. They cover topics that might be interesting, traditionally and stereotypically, for male students.


For example:

List 3 devices you can't live without.

Complete the sentence: Watching soap operas is like...

Give 3 reasons why it might be better to replace something instead of repairing it.


What's inside?

The pack consists of 2 PDF files (1 for printing and 1 for online lessons).



Teacher Notes

9 cards "List 3"

9 "This or That" cards

4 Quotes cards

1 bingo sheet

6 cards "Complete the sentence"

6 cards "Give 3 reasons why..."

3 Photo Warmers


Looking for sample pages? 

Click on the main photo and slide left and right to see sample pages. 


What can you do with it?

You can use them as warmers, or to fill the last few minutes of a lesson. 

If you teach online, just display the slides. If you teach offline, print and cut out individual cards.

What level is it for?

Warmers & Fillers: For Men is intended mainly for classes with adults. The material can be used at levels A2 - B2.


Read more:

Read what other teachers are saying about our materials HERE

Read FAQ and our answers HERE.

  Get it in a bundle and save money. Check the bundle HERE.


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