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"Thank you Twofold EFL! You and your materials are amazing! It's a sheer pleasure just looking at the beautiful graphics created with love and passion for teaching. Using them in class and seeing how well they work and how much fun and joy they bring my students and me is a great bonus. I always get so excited before opening new materials from you - I know they are going to inspire me beyond measure and I'm never disappointed. They just get better and better. Full of possibility they save you so much time, ready to use no matter the level, personality or mood your class is in. They will make your work as a teacher so much easier and much more enjoyable and will inspire you to be the best educator you can possibly be."

Katarzyna Michalik, English teacher, Poland




"I love your materials! I've been using them mostly with individual students and they make even the least confident ones open up and start talking. Everything is so carefully designed, the language and situations are authentic and taken from real-life context so using the sets is a pleasure. It has saved me so much time looking for interesting and relevant material on a given topic, I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow busy teachers!" 

Agnieszka Magon, English Teacher, Poland



"I love your materials because they’re carefully thought out and they allow my students to engage in meaningful conversations. They’re based on authentic, everyday situations, they can be used for grammar, vocabulary and functional language practice and, importantly, they require no preparation on my part!"

Olga Czurakowska, owner and English teacher at, Poland



“To say that I love Twofold is to say nothing. I have every single material they have made. I know that whatever they create is not only useful and visually beautiful but also discussion provoking and pure fun. The tasks boost the students' creativity and imagination so my teens and adults enjoy the lessons. The resources can be used as an inspiration for the whole class or if you don't have enough time, you can just print or show the images on the screen and use a ready-made lesson without any preparation or adjustment. So instead of spending the whole weekend preparing the classes yourself, you can go for a long walk, meet your friends, ride a bike or simply enjoy your free time the way you want and still impress your students with an amazing lesson on Monday. That is why I think every material is worth its price. You can feel the passion of the creators, understanding of the students' needs (after all they are teachers themselves) and a lot of work put into the quality of the product. I’m looking forward to the next resources. No matter what they create, I’ll buy it unseen.”

Kinga Zieja, owner and English teacher at , Poland



“I love Twofold EFL resources for many reasons. They're not only eye-catching and beautiful visually, but also rich and full of creative, versatile ideas for teaching students on various levels. Thanks to their tasteful layouts and well-thought contents, these materials are fun to work with both for me as a teacher and for my students. Despite having a huge amount of various teaching aids, sets by EFL Twofold are the ones I reach for every day. These are top-notch products with endless possibilities. Perfect for all busy teachers out there who care about the quality of their teaching and search for interesting and unusual discussion topics & questions to make their students talk effectively - either online or offline.”

Kate Bidzinska, owner and English teacher at ENGLISH PLUS, Poland



“What I like the most about Twofold materials is that they are so comprehensive and universal. Starters, whole lessons, you name it. But they're especially useful for mixed-ability classes. Now I can always have something prepared for the faster students. I don't have to spend so much time preparing it myself. Or during my private lessons... I'm sure you all know the situation when you have a perfect lesson in mind, but then your student tells you that they need something else for school. Twofold always comes to the rescue in such situations. Their materials look at things from a different angle. 6th of Dec- let's talk about Mrs Claus. When everyone is talking about hygge, they find some Japanese philosophy to compare. Brilliant, engaging, beautiful layout.” 

Anita Drużkowska, owner and English teacher at , Poland



"Before I bought my very first Twofold material, I had been following Sylwia Clayton as an exceptionally inspiring English teacher trainer for a long time. And I knew that what she and her team created then had to be exceptionally good and of the highest quality. Since that time, Twofold has never let me down. And there is so much to choose from. Most of the materials are suited for adult learners but I also use them with teenagers and even younger students. They work perfectly as whole lesson makers, involving warm-up activities or funny fillers just to relax and have fun. It’s so much easier to teach with Twofold as they add so much value (and beauty!) to the teaching quality of my lessons. And don’t forget to subscribe to their Twofold Magazine – believe me, you don’t want to miss the treasures hiding in the free issues!"

Magda, English teacher, Poland



“I run my own teaching business and your materials help me look professional. I don’t have to worry about language errors. They are polished to the smallest detail. And they look so beautiful.” 

Joanna, language professional, Poland



“These materials really make my students talk. The photos and questions encourage students to discuss. There are times when I run a whole lesson using just one of your cards! You can use them in so many different ways - to supplement your coursebook or as a base for conversational lessons. Also, I’ve never seen such beautiful photos in any other materials.”

Maggie, English teacher, Spain



 “Your packs save me a lot of time preparing my lessons. They are versatile and I can use them with many different levels. I mostly teach online, so ease of use, like the clickable menu is important to me. Teacher Notes include a lot of very useful and practical tips. They are an inspiration even for more experienced teachers. I have been teaching English for 15 years and still find new ideas for activities in your materials. “

Izabela, English teacher, Poland



“I save a lot of time preparing lessons. Some days, I just sit down 10 minutes before the lesson. All I need to do is choose a few pages depending on the class level and my student’s interests. The packs are so varied and have so many different topics and activities, I always find exactly what I need.”

Alicja, language school owner and English teacher, Poland



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