Ideas for no-prep Halloween warmers.

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Halloween lesson ideas ELT

You’ve got no time (or energy!) to prepare full Halloween lessons, but still want to touch on this topic? Check out these 4 very easy warmers you can do.


Write a few categories on the board and ask your students to write down 5 words or phrases for each one:

  • Halloween decorations
  • pumpkin dishes
  • drinks which are orange
  • spooky places

This or that

On the board write a few choices connected with Halloween. Ask the students to choose and justify their choice in just one sentence.

Examples of choices:

  • pumpkin latte or pumpkin pie
  • horror film or a Halloween parody
  • ghosts or aliens

Why do people …?

Write a few questions on the board starting with: Why do people…? Make each one about Halloween.

Why do people like Halloween?

Why do people put costumes on?

Why do people like scary things?

Ask your students to come up with 3 reasons for each situation. If you have groups at higher levels, you can ask them to come up with 5 reasons. Make it more challenging, why not!

60-second topics

Give students a topic connected with Halloween and ask them to discuss it in pairs. Their task is to talk about it for 60 seconds. When the time is up, you change the topic and students change partners. They repeat the task with a new topic and a new partner. You can run as many rounds of this activity as you want.

If you change your mind and decide to run Halloween lessons, don’t forget to check out this article for some ideas.

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