About us

Welcome to our community of wonderful and creative teachers who want to conduct interesting and engaging lessons without spending hours upon hours searching for materials. We created Twofold in 2019 and it started as a small, family-run teaching business, and over time more great creators have joined us! We’re all English teachers, and learners of other languages.

Who is Twofold?

Sylwia Clayton, co-founder – that’s me! 🙂 I write everything you can read on this blog, in Twofold Magazine, and in our newsletters. I also co-write the content for all the resources. And when I’m not writing, I come up with new ideas and research everything to do with teaching and saving your time! I also oversee all the projects, which is not an easy task, especially when things don’t go to plan!

Peter Clayton, co-founder – a graphic designer and the ‘voice’ of Twofold 😉 Peter makes sure that all our materials are eye-catching and practical. It’s Peter who you can hear in the recordings for our listening resources!And when he still has some free time, he also makes sure that all our computers and software work without interruption.

Joanna Skorzec (in short: Asia) – this is who you see in all the photos and videos, because she runs our profiles on social media and takes all the beautiful pictures! Asia also co-writes the content for materials and tests them with her patient students. And we must say that Asia is a mine of creative ideas! If her ideas board grows any bigger, the internet may collapse.

Jean Clayton – Peter’s mum, who also happens to be a very skilled editor and proofreader! She rules the words like no one else! Jean makes sure all the content in our materials is proofed for errors, unnatural language, and in general, makes sure it sounds good.