6 summer topics which are not about travelling.

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6 topics for summer lessons which are not about travelling

When we think of summer lessons, we usually think about travelling, holidays, hot weather, etc. They’re useful topics and should definitely be covered in your lessons.  But if you don’t want to teach the same lessons over and over again, try something else. 

In this post we have ideas for 6 topics that will work well in your summer lessons.

#1 Sports

A lot of big sports events happen in the summer. If your students are at least a bit interested in sports, you should definitely include this topic in your summer schedule.

Check out our Sports Pack for ready-to-use resources on this topic.

#2 Money

Summer is probably the most expensive season of the year (apart from Christmas, maybe). And money can be a great topic for a summer lesson: 

  • ideas on how to save money, 
  • how to spend wisely on holiday, 
  • how to teach children about money, 
  • how to holiday on a budget.

If you haven’t got issue #10 of Twofold Magazine, check it out for resources and more ideas on the topic of Money.

#3 Health

Health problems are very common during travelling so it might be a useful topic for a summer lesson. You can cover common conditions such as a cold, sunburn, stomach bug, etc. Talk about how to prevent them and how to treat them. Additionally, come up with a few role-play scenarios at the doctor’s or in a pharmacy.

#4 Environment

It’s probably one of the most hated lesson topics (by both teachers and students). But summer can be a great time to talk about the environment but from a different angle:

  • impact of tourism on the environment
  • how to be an environmentally-friendly tourist
  • how to reduce waste in the summer

In our Environment Pack you can find ready-to-use resources and more ideas on this topic.

#5 Happiness

We go through many emotions during the summer, but happiness is probably the most common. You can easily turn it into a lesson and cover some vocabulary (happy idioms and phrases), grammar (I would be happy if …) as well as speaking.

#6 Food

Food is always a good topic! And in the summer it takes on a whole new meaning.

You can talk about:

  • light summer recipes
  • ideas for summer drinks
  • how to turn traditional dishes into more summer-friendly versions
  • ideas for meals that you can pack for a picnic

We hope this post will inspire you to plan some great lessons in the summer and beyond! And if you’re looking for more topics and ready-made lessons, check out our Convo Lessons series.

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