Why should you use warmers?

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Language Warmers – a great tool or a waste of time? We believe it’s a great tool that can make your lessons even more engaging and here’s why:

#1 By using warmers which are not connected with the topic of the lesson, you can make sure that people who are late for the lesson don’t miss out on anything.

#2 You only have a limited time to get students’ attention from the very beginning. The first few minutes of the lesson are crucial. That’s when the brain decides whether to invest fully in the lesson or not.

#3 A well thought out warmer can bring an element of surprise and activate the brain ensuring the rest of your lesson goes smoother.

#4 DO NOT START your lesson with:

  • checking the register
  • checking homework
  • organisational stuff

These activities are “boring” and will put your students’s brains to sleep from the very start of the lesson.

So what can you use to start off your lessons?

  • interesting pictures
  • questions that your students haven’t heard before
  • unusual items – ask your students what they could be used for
  • quick, surprising activities
  • ask your students to come up with long lists in a very short amount of time, e.g. You have 60 seconds, list 30 things to have for breakfast that you don’t have to cook

If you’re looking for interesting and surprising warmers, check out our Easy Warmers – a collection of 50 easy-to-use warmers for your lessons. This pack will provide you with exciting warmers for the entire school year!

Easy warmers, a collection of 50 ready to use warmers for your English lessons. elt,
Easy Warmers

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